Lawn Maintenance



Reduces thatch and lets air into the surface of the lawn, this enables the organisms that break down thatch to breath and survive. We scarify two ways to maximise the amount of thatch removed.


Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow tine aeration also removes thatch, although its primary function is to relieve compaction and improve drainage in the lawn. We pass a machine over the lawn which removes cores of soil.These cores of soil are cleared and top dressing can be applied to keep the grass sward open and aerated.



Like plants grass needs essential nutrients to grow. We can initialize a lawn feeding programme to keep you lawn as green as possible all year long. We offer a spring and autumn feeds. Spring feed which is high in Nitrogen to boosts growth. Autumn feed which is lower in Nitrogen and higher in Potassium, will encourage root growth and will prepare the plant for winter.